Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Masurian lakes

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I woke up this morning and the first thing that had crossed my mind was to go somewhere where I could forget about my work and just relax. Do you have the place where you feel good and where you could come back again and again? For me it is Masuria region. I remember all those times when I was there with my friends and we were just walking about by the shore of lakes until the long hours, swimming by boat or just playing volley-ball. It was just amazing. I really have to go there this summer! But now I want to tell you something more about this beautiful region.

So, Masuria is situated in northern Poland on the territory of old Prussia. From the name of the region derives the name of its inhabitants, which is Mazur in Polish and it consist of the prefix “maz-” which means a tar and the affix “–ur”.  Masuria is known of its famous 2.000 lakes which are called The Masurian Lake District or in Polish Pojezierze Mazurskie. The largest lake is Śniardwy. It is 22.1 kilometers long and 13.4 kilometers wide. His maximum depth is 23 metres. And there are eight islands situated on it.  This region offers a wide range of outdoor activities. It includes not only lakes but also a variety of wildlife. We can find there the Masurian Landscape Park in which there are 11 nature reserves. One of them is UNESCO Biosphere Resreve. We can find there famous Białowieża Forest with a breeding station for Europeans Bisons.

This region offers also some historical sights such as the ruins of Hitler’s fortified World War II headquarters – the most famous was the Wolf’s Lair and in Polish “Wilczy Szaniec”.  The principal resort towns are Giżycko, Mikołajki, Węgorzewo, Ryn, Pisz and Iława.

This region gives a possibility to spend some time in the bosom of nature and to get some rest from our everyday life. I hope that it will be your next trip destination J

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